2019 Fall Play cast list(s)

Thank you to all who auditioned! Be sure to check the list for all three pieces, as some people are involved in more than one.

There will be a full cast read-through in room 119 on Monday, August 26th from 4-6:30pm. A full rehearsal schedule will be handed out.

The Lottery

Tommy Brody Skorup
Dickie Cooper Akin
Martin Ethan Rome
Delacroix Alex Arns
Hutchison Ryan Kwiat
Mrs. Dunbar Kaydence Wendt
Mrs. Watson Riley Wolf
Miss Bessom Michelle Quiñones
Jack Wilkins Mike Loss
Warner Liz Anderson
Belva Summers Katie Alderman
Joe Summers Zach Piel
Tessie Hutchison Lucia Towne
Townswoman (Nora) Emily Beckwith
Villagers Aleksandra Savage
Ashley Tindall
Cadee Goldstein

The Monkey’s Paw

Mr. White Zach Piel
Mrs. White Riley Wolf
Helen Kaydence Wendt
Sergeant-Major Morris Lucia Towne
Miss Ward Cadee Goldstein

The Summer People

Robert Allison Ryan Kwiat
Janet Allison Katie Alderman
Ms. Babcock Liz Anderson
Tilda Babcock Aleksandra Savage
Mr. Walpole Alex Arns
Mrs. Larkin Emily Beckwith
Mr. Withers Mike Loss

2019 Fall play Crew list

2019 Fall Play: “The Lottery” and other Sinister Stories

Crew list

If your name is on this list, and you are NOT signed up for the “@fpcrew” list on Remind, join now! You can click the link below to join. See Mr. Pajor if you need help.


Stage manager: Cassie Weber


Jayla Howard

Jaden Somlock

Lorali Curtis

Yuki Chen



Cody Seibert

Adrian Mendoza

Joshua Gordon



Hannah Fish

Angel Ramirez

Hanna Reedy

Nick Carlson

Leah Casey



Paige Savage

Destiny Schlitt

Cerelia Lesko

Leo Minton


Set decoration/props:

Francesca Sluiter

Zachary Williams

Molly Shufelt



Francesca Sluiter

Destiny Schlitt

Angelica Martinez

“Our Town” cast list

There will be a full cast read-through in room 138 on Monday, August 27th from 4-6:30pm.

A crew list will be posted in the coming weeks.

Thank you to all who auditioned!

Stage Manager–Logan Scalf
Joe Crowell–Mike Loss
Howie Newsome–Spencer Hix
Mrs. Gibbs–Emma Moulding
Dr. Gibbs–Seth Weeks

George Gibbs–Zach Piel
Rebecca Gibbs–Kaydence Wendt
Mrs. Webb–Nikki Launius
Mr. Webb–Harley Tate
Wally Webb–Jacob Scalf
Emily Webb–Caroline Welte
Professor Willard–Sommer Savage
Woman in Balcony–Alli Penge
Woman in Auditorium–Gabby Szafranski
Lady in Box–Kayla Gaynor
Simon Stimson–Tanner Kelly
Mrs. Soames–Jolene Morgan
Constable Warren–Mitchell Hintzsche
Cindy Crowell–Riley Wolf
Samantha Craig–Katie Alderman
Joan Stoddard–Lucia Towne