“Parfumerie” cast list


Below, you will find the cast list for our 2017 fall play, Parfumerie.

A crew list will be posted next week. Everyone who indicated interest in a crew should be placed on one.

Thank you to all who auditioned. We had a great turnout for auditions and I had to make a lot of difficult decisions!

Rehearsals start next week with our regular rehearsal schedule: Monday 3:30-6pm, Tuesday 3-5pm and Thursday 3-5pm. Monday’s rehearsal will be a read-through of the script. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be distributed during the first week.


Mr. Hammerschmidt–Logan Scalf

Horvath—Harley Tate

Sipos–Mitchell Hintzsche

Kadar–Tanner Kelly

Amalia Balash–McKenna Daly

Miss Ritter–Caroline Welte

Miss Molnar--Hailee Bosek

Arpad–Zach Piel

Fritz–Alex Vruno

Police Officer–Emma Moulding

Detective–Nikki Launius

Kim Baez

Jaden Frantzen

JoAnna Holly

Curtis Manes

Jolene Morgan

Delaney Talty


Shoppers (non-speaking):

Eleanor Floyd

Spencer Hix

Collette Wilmsen

Riley Wolf


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