“Parfumerie” crew list

The following people will serve on a crew for the fall play. Congratulations!

If your name is on this list, you must see Mr. Pajor to receive information on signing up for the “Remind” service.

Stage manager: Bekkah Gebe

Assistant stage manager: Maddie Nestor



(Maddie Nestor)

Marissa Gebe

Alex Hanson

Jolene Ii

Angelica Martinez



(Bekkah Gebe)

Josh Frosch

Andrew Mueller

Cody Seibert



Julia Kwiat

Elizabeth Anderson

Hanna Reedy

Morgan Thompson



Paige Savage

Isabella Mitchell

Angela Quinonez


Set decoration/props:

Alex Arns

Hailie Reyes

Alli Penge

Sommer Savage

Michelle Quinones



Judy Chen

Sydney Chmielewski

Grace Propst

Gabrielle Szafranski

Elizabeth Tutor

Kaydence Wendt