“Parfumerie” crew list

The following people will serve on a crew for the fall play. Congratulations!

If your name is on this list, you must see Mr. Pajor to receive information on signing up for the “Remind” service.

Stage manager: Bekkah Gebe

Assistant stage manager: Maddie Nestor



(Maddie Nestor)

Marissa Gebe

Alex Hanson

Jolene Ii

Angelica Martinez



(Bekkah Gebe)

Josh Frosch

Andrew Mueller

Cody Seibert



Julia Kwiat

Elizabeth Anderson

Hanna Reedy

Morgan Thompson



Paige Savage

Isabella Mitchell

Angela Quinonez


Set decoration/props:

Alex Arns

Hailie Reyes

Alli Penge

Sommer Savage

Michelle Quinones



Judy Chen

Sydney Chmielewski

Grace Propst

Gabrielle Szafranski

Elizabeth Tutor

Kaydence Wendt

“Parfumerie” cast list


Below, you will find the cast list for our 2017 fall play, Parfumerie.

A crew list will be posted next week. Everyone who indicated interest in a crew should be placed on one.

Thank you to all who auditioned. We had a great turnout for auditions and I had to make a lot of difficult decisions!

Rehearsals start next week with our regular rehearsal schedule: Monday 3:30-6pm, Tuesday 3-5pm and Thursday 3-5pm. Monday’s rehearsal will be a read-through of the script. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be distributed during the first week.


Mr. Hammerschmidt–Logan Scalf

Horvath—Harley Tate

Sipos–Mitchell Hintzsche

Kadar–Tanner Kelly

Amalia Balash–McKenna Daly

Miss Ritter–Caroline Welte

Miss Molnar--Hailee Bosek

Arpad–Zach Piel

Fritz–Alex Vruno

Police Officer–Emma Moulding

Detective–Nikki Launius

Kim Baez

Jaden Frantzen

JoAnna Holly

Curtis Manes

Jolene Morgan

Delaney Talty


Shoppers (non-speaking):

Eleanor Floyd

Spencer Hix

Collette Wilmsen

Riley Wolf